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5 ways to build traffic before building a website

This is essentially how people will find you when they Google your business. If you want your business to have a footprint online, this is definitely step one. Make sure you add photos, begin to gather reviews and fully complete your profile. 

Since Yelp is a big ‘business reviews’ platform it only makes sense to have a presence there. Your business might be recognized automatically, but you will still need to “claim your business” to get your profile activated. 

This only applies to you if you’re a construction, interior design or architecture company. Houzz is a social network specifically intended for home-related services. Make sure you sign up and post your projects there! You can also add keywords and project details to help with search optimization.

Having a Social Media presence is a pretty basic thing now-a-days. You don’t have to post often, but at least make an effort to post something. Put up a professional logo as your profile picture and post some pictures of your work, your team or something else that is authentic. The key is “authentic” content. People are a lot smarter now than before and the last thing anyone wants to see is content with an ulterior motive. 

When I first started building websites, I was desperate for business so I began posting my web design services everywhere including Craigslist. I later realized that a lot of my really serious clients were coming from there. You’d be surprised where your business leads are coming from. The key thing is to be creative and experiment what works and what doesn’t. 

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